Why is Car Insurance More Expensive For Men Than Women?

In most of the circumstances, males need to pay more for auto insurances than females. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Is it due to the reason that males normally drive when a couple commute by an automobile? Or could it be because males commute to work and women tends to stay at home in most of the situations (though the trend has changed now), and hence increasing their chances to be involved more in an accident?

The real fact is that according to statistics, a higher percentage of people to be involved in an accident are the males. This may sound surprising because women are actually more in number than men in the United States. By statistics, the sex ratio was found to be 105 girls to every 100 boys. So the question arises as “Are men worse drivers as compared to women? Not likely!

Auto insurance companies employ these statistics to determine their premium rates. In fact, this serves as the basis for premium rates. According to the statistical information, the gender that will probably pay higher for coverage is indicated to be at a higher risk compared to the other. The insurance companies collect and study data obtained from accident records. The information obtained from this study is used to raise rates for only those who have been in a higher probability of loss and hence lower for those who have characteristics of lower risks.

But you must be aware that sex is not the only factor for determining the driver’s rates and it depends upon many other factors like marital status, age, length of the time being licensed, or even an accident and violation history. In addition to these driver factors, the other things which will have an impact on premiums involve coverage, vehicles, and even the residence area. All these will be determined in the same way. In case, some one lives in a city which has a higher accident history, all the people residing in that city will be considered to be at higher risk and hence expected to pay higher or even a little more for insurance.

The difference between the higher rates for males are very insignificant that they need not worry about paying very high compared to women. It is only a few dollars more every month. But there are important things to be bothered about like being insured by an auto insurance company which charges more than might be regarded competitive.

The best way to determine the cheapest rates is to compare the auto insurance rates from various carriers to look who offers the best suitable rates. Many do not realize that there is no such thing as the least expensive company suitable for everyone. Every person needs to choose the company which provides them with the lowest premiums based on their requirements.

You can visit any online auto insurance website and get the quotes compared for a number of leading insurance companies in a simple and easy process. It is absolutely free and you can compare in a few minutes without any restrictions.

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