What Is SR 22 Insurance And What Is Involved In Filing SR 22?

SR 22 insurance is proof that you have met your financial responsibilities on purchasing the minimum car insurance requirements for your state and have kept it current standings. If you are required to buy SR 22 insurance and you have missed a payment on your regular car insurance then you will be in default. This will cause the company to report you to the Secretary of State since you are not in compliance with your insurance obligations. This could possible cause you to have your license suspended or other problems.

Why do you have to buy SR 22?

Well there are many factors that can cause someone to have to buy SR 22. The main reasons are DWI or DUI, driving without insurance, or driving under a suspended license. Depending on the State you live in, you could have to purchase this type of insurance for reasons other than the ones listed.

Filing SR 22 Insurance?

I can understand that you are a little stressed out, because your unsure about some of the new requirements you have to do so you can keep driving your vehicle. However, filing SR 22 Insurance is not as hard as you might think it is. Most car insurance companies carry SR 22 and it is a matter of filling out a simple form and the insurance company will do the rest. I do recommend that you use the same company for both SR 22 and car insurance. This will help the insurance company do their job in reporting that you are compliant.

What if your current insurance company does not carry it?

Then I recommend that you find a company that does and then not only get the SR 22 but also change your car insurance to the same policy. By keeping them together it could even save you money.

How long do you have to file SR 22 insurance?

Well it depends on what laws your broke and the State you live in. You could be required to buy this insurance for up to 3 years.

Once you have met all your requirements and its time to stop buying your SR 22 insurance. You will need to have your insurance company send in an SR 26 form to cancel it. You might have to prove that you are no longer required to have SR 22 insurance. This paper work should be easy and in most cases the insurance company will help you.

I understand how frustrating this is because i have had a DUI and have had to buy this insurance myself. It can feel overwhelming at times however the insurance companies are there to help.

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