The 6 Strangest Car Insurance Claims Ever

1. You animal you! Imagine that you’re a gardener who is innocently buying some plants at a nursery. You stroll along to your car and as you near it, you see a passing camel inexplicably jerk out its hind leg and kick your car! Well for one man, this wasn’t a hypothetical situation. It really did happen, and although this gardener’s insurance company was indignant about the validity of his claim, he was fortunate enough to obtain footage from a local television company who happened to be filming in the area and accidentally caught the camel’s surprise act on camera.

2. Fly trap. A car insurance claim was submitted with the simple explanation of ‘I crashed because I was trying to kill a fly buzzing around in my car.’ We wonder if the insurance company paid out? Unlikely…

3. Stranger than fiction. In a claim that sounds more like something that was scripted for a movie, a shamefaced man had an ill stroke of luck. Firstly, this poor fellow was involved in a fender bender with the vehicle in front of him. He then reversed slightly, wanting to assess the damage, and promptly bashed into the vehicle behind him. Perplexed, he opened the door to his vehicle and it knocked a passing cyclist off his bike! Although this story sounds too crazy to be true, there were witnesses on the scene to attest to his claim.

4. You say potato, I say… A poor motorist found herself in a pickle, or shall we say, potato, when she submitted a claim for a unique cause of accident. According to her, a potato came dislodged from its packet and rolled under her brake, preventing her from stopping or slowing down before she crashed.

5. Who needs a hooter? Not the victim in this collision, that’s for sure! A woman filed a motor insurance claim stating that a dog hanging out the rear window of the vehicle in front of her barked very loudly and gave her a fright, causing her to crash into the vehicle in front of her.

6. Seaside sorrow. A motorist returned from a successful day of fishing only to find a cow standing near his vehicle, chewing on what seemed to be his windshield wiper. Upon closer inspection, he realised that the paint of his car was horribly damaged, as well as all the rubber trims on the vehicle. How did this happen? Well, the nearby herd of cows was to blame. It turns out that cows absolutely love the taste of salt, and because this fisherman’s vehicle had been close to the coast for a significant period of time, it had become encrusted in cow-irresistible salt deposits.

There you have it, some of the strangest car insurance claims known to man. Unfortunately for many motorists, these unique causes of collision or vehicle damage are aplenty, and some of them are even more unbelievable than the ones above! Take these six strange car insurance claims into account and make sure that you have a good policy in place should anything untoward arise.

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