Personalised Number Plates Vs Brand New Plates

The months March and September in each year are especially exciting for those who are in the Car and Number Plate Industries. In these months the DVLA release new current style registrations. In 2001 the format of registrations changed, they were replaced with two letters, two digits followed by three letters, for example AA02 ABC.

The registrations that are issued in March, will have the last two numbers of the year as the two digits, for example in March 2002 the registrations would be AA02 ABC and in March 2011 will see AA11 ABC.

The registration that are issued in September, following a slightly different format where, numbers begin at “51” in 2001 and for example in September 2002 the registrations will be”XX52 XXX” and in September 2010 will see “XX60 XXX”.

During these two release months the sales of cars tend to rocket, as most people would like to have the newest car available. Most people tend not to purchase new vehicles in February as although a vehicle registered in February will only be a month old, when the new numbers are released in March, their vehicle will appear to be older with the older registration.

Many people buy personal number plates as a status symbol. Having a personalised number plate, especially one of the older dateless registrations, shows that you have the resources to get something that you want which is special to you. For example a brand new BMW will look better than with a registration of O 11, instead of the new release HG10 WFH.

Confused about which type of Registration to chose?

One aspect to consider is a personalised registration, will always be personal to their owner, it will never become out of date. After six months, a shiny new “10” or “60” number plate will be replaced by a newer version and therefore will become dated. The main reason most people want current style numbers is that they are “current”, once the registrations are no longer issued and are replaced, they become worthless.

Cost is another aspect to consider, getting a personalised number plate can cost anything from £40 upwards, depending on the combination you want to have on your vehicle. Although current style registrations are given to brand new vehicles free of charge, it is worth pointing out that they will become worthless once the new version comes out, unlike personalised registrations, which will increase in value.

If you would like your car to stand out from the rest then personalised number plates are an excellent choice. They don’t have a shelf life and may increase the value of your vehicle. In 2010, for instance, you’ll be able to make use of the “10” and “60” plates to create new combinations, such as “RO10” or “RO60”. If you purchase a brand new BMW and your name is Joe Bloggs, a perfect registration for your vehicle would be JB10 BMW, which will improve the appearance of your vehicle.

A final thing to consider is that a brand new registration plate will depreciate in value as soon as it’s no longer the “newest” available. A personalised number plate can actually gain value over time and could even eventually be resold for a profit as well.

So, there you have it, it seems that the timeless, cheaper, more personal number plates are a better purchase than each year’s new class of registrations.

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