PEMCO Auto Insurance Company

General Overview:

PEMCO auto insurance company was created in Washington in 1949 with the strategy of providing cheap car insurance for the Washington residents. Since then the company grew staying local throughout that time, although still providing the best quality auto insurance. It is most likely that because of staying in the market exclusively for the Washington state citizens, they were able to prosper where others failed.

Ranking in the industry:

The ranking of the PEMCO auto insurance is something that makes many big vehicle insurance companies shift uneasily. The thing is that there is no A.M Best company’s review on it or of any other financial evaluation firm, because it is only local. Consequently there are many speculations that this company is not financially strong enough and many bigger car insurance companies that operate nationwide are trying to take over the auto insurance market in Washington. Nevertheless the future of the firm cannot be predicted as for now they are loved by all of the state’s residents and since it lived over sixty years it can live many more years to come.

Why should one choose PEMCO auto insurance:

The best thing about PEMCO car insurance is that they are very flexible with both prices and the coverage. As mentioned before, this company was created for the sole purpose to provide cheap car insurance for Washington residents. Thus the best way for a client to get cheaper rates for their coverage is to assemble the coverage himself. You can contact PEMCO car insurance customer service agent and they will assist you in choosing the certain plan that will suit your particular needs and requirements, excluding anything unwanted and saving money.

Discounts of PEMCO auto insurance:

PEMCO car insurance has mastered its skills in providing cheap vehicle insurance and consequently offering good promotions and savings. They have all kind of options like a new driver discount, multiple car discount, multiple policy holder reduction, safe driver cuts and many more. For instance they have an option that they provide to their clients, if they are not going to use their vehicle more than two days in a week, presumably just weekends, they are going to receive a substantial reward. As you can PEMCO car insurance tries its best to arrange cheap car insurance for Washington citizens.

PEMCO auto insurance Customer Service:

As with the majority of the insurance companies there are both negative and positive reviews about the customer service level of PEMCO auto insurance. It will be pointless to search for it online, however it is true that they are extremely experienced in all of the Washington laws and regulations like no other vehicle insurance company.

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