Free Online Insurance Quote – Why You Can’t Do Well Without This Free Lunch

“There’s no free lunch” is a popular saying. And behind it is the suggestion that there are always strings attached to free stuff. This has made a few folks wary of every free resource. Some even believe that if it’s free then it can’t really be of much value. Nothing could be more untrue…

Insurance quotes sites are set up to help prospect get and compare quotes from different insurance companies. These are very useful resources both to the users and the companies that set them up.

Yes, the people that run those sites do it in their own interest. However, this does not undermine your own interest in any way. Maybe pinpointing the very reason they set up these sites will help you see reason…

If you’re old enough to remember life before the internet, you could only get quotes by contacting an agent or broker by phone or any other means. They are still options till today. However, they come with many limitations…

Someone must physically answer your calls for you to get quotes. These persons could have been put to use in other ways. Compare this with a quotes site that runs on auto-pilot 24/7. It frees insurance agents to do other things.

This and other reasons reduce the cost of customer acquisition to insurance companies (This eventually helps them compete better).

Fine! Getting a free online insurance quote is good for them. What’s in it for me?

You have an easier way of getting and comparing quotes from a wider range of insurance companies in minutes instead of hours or days. And, remember that they more the quotes you get, the more your chances of landing cheaper rates.

Also factor in the convenience of the whole process: You can get as many quotes as you want without leaving the comfort of your home. We can go on and on with the advantages free online insurance quotes.

So make sure you don’t fail to use them. If you opt to NOT use them you’ll definitely pay a lot more than you should for your insurance policies.

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