Campervan Insurance Gets You On The Road

So, you’ve taken a big step and bought a campervan? You’re probably already planning that very first vacation. Whether it’s a weekend away, a short vacation, or an around Australia trekking adventure, great planning will make sure it’s a winner. The exact same thing may be said when it comes to vehicle insurance, so if you’re rooting out campervan insurance, the absolute best thing for your peace of mind is to research thoroughly, & always read any fine print!

A campervan or RV or motor home is very different from a car, & when it comes to the all-important insurance, am auto policy is simply not practical. When travelling, your motorhome or campervan is your sole means of transport, as well as your accommodation, so if something does go awry, you’ll need an insurance policy that will enable you to act quickly, get on with any repairs, & get you back on the road very quickly. The very last thing you want when you are travelling, is an unexpected and possibly high expense spoiling all the fun.

As a general guideline, a campervan or RV or motorhome insurance policy. may cover the following: Personal and Third Party Insurance (you, your passengers, and any injuries to another person), as well as damage to another vehicle or any property); Comprehensive cover (for repairs done to your own vehicle in the event of some kind of and accident) & Contents Insurance (to cover the contents of your own campervan). Contents insurance will vary from 1 policy to the next, & it will be capped off at a certain limit.

To ensure that you are fully covered, ask any prospective insurers about what their coverage limits are, & exclusions. If by chance you’re travelling with something valuable (other than your family of course), it would be best to speak to your preferred insurer in order to see if the standard policy will cover that extra-value item, & if it won’t, then see if it can be added to the policy at an additional premium.

Campervan insurance is written by many insurance companies, & by the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia — you need to become a member of the latter in order to possibly get their insurance, but you may also find it very worthwhile.

Whether it’s the beginning of a long lifetime of Summer getaways, or the twilight of years of planning for your supreme trek, a campervan vacation should always be a stress-free affair. It’s your holiday, after all. Having your campervan insurance in force will protect your valuable vehicle asset, and it will help to keep you running, & in a great position to make the most of every valuable day.

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