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There are a number of factors that go into the rating of a homeowner’s policy. The best homeowner insurance rate is usually found by the most knowledgeable buyer. In other words, there is a certain amount of work that each of us has to do in order to get the best value when we purchase a homeowner’s policy. There are some people that want no part of educating themselves about insurance. They want to hand it over to a professional. There is nothing wrong with this approach but in some cases you may be leaving yourself somewhat vulnerable. The best way to deal with insurance shopping is to at least get a basic understanding of what your insurance does and what generates the rate. Homeowner’s insurance rates are determined by insurance company fiduciaries who in turn apply for rates every year with the state insurance department. An insurance company cannot just raise the rate on your homeowner’s policy because they need more profits. They are regulated by the state’s insurance department. They have to have rates approved before they can be passed on to the customer.

The best home insurance rate is usually found when you purchase the policy in combo with the auto insurance. The multi-policy discount is substantial. It is so much more convenient to have both with one company especially when there is a claim. The next factor that has a significant impact on the rate is whether to buy a replacement cost policy or an actual cash value policy. The difference in premium is significant but so is the coverage. Replacement cost settles your homeowner’s claim by replacing or repairing your home or personal property with like kind and quality materials with out depreciation. Actual cash value allows for depreciation and you come up with the depreciable difference as an out of pocket expense. The last decision that you need to make is the size of your deductible. This will impact the rate. Higher deductibles are in vogue because of the infrequency of homeowners claims.

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